We don’t dictate the projects that need to be completed. Our volunteers dream up and work on projects that they find meaningful and fulfilling! Listed below are just some of the projects our volunteers have begun working on!

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Upcycled Animal Habitats for our furry friends…

A cornerstone program at Live GALACTIC is the design and fabrication of animal habitats. By partnering with Marion County Animal Services, our goal is to improve quality of life for the furry feline and canine residents of our community

How you can help!

We are always looking for materials to turn into habitats or volunteers to help build. Here are some examples of materials that can be donated:

  • fleece, felt fabric, ribbon, snaps, buckles, clasps, hooks, knitting needles, sewing machines
  • Old canopy/patio umbrellas (without fabric), Broken pavement/stone chunks or slabs, 5 gallon buckets, large wire reels, 5-50 gallon barrels plastic and wood, metal or wood fencing posts 


Our Current Accommodations:

  • CattySwampuss 
  • Catiki Lounge
  • Coming Soon: GOATopia
  • “Your Idea Here”

“There are real impacts associated with a large homeless animal population. By providing shelters, we can get rid of the negative stigma and also reduce the encroaching predator population!”




As part of the FairyGodParent project members will help build CattySwampuss habitats for pets without homes using upcycled materials, create educational resources to inform residents and businesses about homeless pet issues, recruit volunteers/business services for cleaning and reducing safety concerns for homeowners without the means to improve their exterior home environment.

How you can help!

  • 5 & 1 gallon paint, mis-tints, Painting supplies; tape, brushes, rollers


  • Chainsaws, wood files, bark stripper, hammers, basic tool sets, hardhats, toolbelts, shovels, posthole diggers, pressure washers, PPE, cleaning supplies, consumable items


Catiki Lounge


Volunteering can be hard work!

Stop by and enjoy the shade at our lounge!